Halloween Houdini Seance

Collection of Barbara Levine / Harry Houdini, one of the most famous magicians of all time, was born in 1874 and died in Detroit on October 31, 1926. Due to his popularity, soon after his death the society of American Magicians proclaimed Halloween to also be Houdini Magic Day. This photograph taken in Detroit, in 1946, shows thirteen magicians holding a midnight seance in an attempt to contact Houdini's spirit.  Their seance was considered unsuccessful but still to this day amateur and professional magicians come together on Halloween to conjure the magical ghost of Harry Houdini. Read more Halloween, Houdini, Seance

CAMERA ERA Exhibition

CAMERA ERACherryhurst HouseMarch 29 - November 10, 2014Organized by Project B from the Collection of Barbara LevineCatalogue available CAMERA ERA features photographs that reveal a special relationship with the camera. It may be a sitter striking an iconic pose, or hiding her face… or it may be camera or printing errors or maybe the photographer altering the photo by hand—the kind of photographic 'mistakes' that can now be instantly corrected, but which we love for their very human texture. In today’s digital reality, where every device is a camera and every blip, click and ping contains a picture, it is easy to forget the charisma and mystique of the physical printed photograph. This exhibition is a collusion between... Read more Barbara Levine, Camera Era, Cherryhurst House, vernacular photography

Highlights from "SECONDHAND" at Pier 24

SECONDHAND is the new exhibition at Pier 24 in San Francisco, California. It features vernacular photography collections and the work of artists who collect found photographs to "construct, edit and sequence in order to create something entirely new". The exhibition is a snapshot of how collectors and artists are discovering, displaying and using vernacular photography in exciting innovative ways to broaden the understanding of the medium and its impact on our lives. The exhibition has many layers and I snapped a lot of photos on my iphone to document it (one of the great things about Pier 24 is that you are allowed to take photos in the exhibition). Below is Part I of highlights from the exhibition: Views of... Read more Pier 24, Vernacular photography

Mexican Fotoescultura (Photo Sculpture)

Maker Unknown. Fotoescultura, wood carving with hand painted photograph, c.1950. 11 3/4" h x 11 1/4" w x 3"AvailableSOLD/ In Mexico, in the 1930s, the three-dimensional effigy and the memorial photograph melded into the potent form known as a fotoescultura  - literally, "photos sculpture". Artisans began carving three-dimensional wooden cutouts based on a studio photograph (usually procured by a traveling salesman). After carving and painting the wooden bust and adhering the photograph to it, the artisan would add hand-tinting and embellishments such as jewelry and costuming to create a startling likeness. As photography  historian Geoffrey Batchen observes, "while the photograph usually speaks to us of the past..fotosculturas speaks of eternal life...the fully dimensioned presence of the present."   Read more fotoesculturas, photo sculpture

The Carlson Sisters-1146 Pounds of Fun and Trouble!

Rare 1927 circus photograph  of  the CARLSON SISTERS know as the "FAT BOXING TWINS", (an act consisting of 1146 pounds of fun & trouble) and Clarence Chesterfield Howerton know as "MAJOR MITE" behind the scenes at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Combined Show. Photo Collection of Barbara Levine / Want to see more circus sideshow stars? Read more carlson sisters, sideshow freaks « Newer articles 1 3 4 5 6 7 16 Older articles »