CAMERA ERA Exhibition

Cherryhurst House
March 29 - November 10, 2014
Organized by Project B from the Collection of Barbara Levine
Catalogue available

features photographs that reveal a special relationship with the camera. It may be a sitter striking an iconic pose, or hiding her face… or it may be camera or printing errors or maybe the photographer altering the photo by hand—the kind of photographic 'mistakes' that can now be instantly corrected, but which we love for their very human texture. In today’s digital reality, where every device is a camera and every blip, click and ping contains a picture, it is easy to forget the charisma and mystique of the physical printed photograph.

This exhibition is a collusion between vintage and contemporary technologies. Original small snapshots are shown together with archival images that have been re-photographed and digitally “remastered.” The large format prints reveal the surface wear, detail and patina of the long forgotten photographs to offer a different point of view and remind us of the power of the photograph to stop time and bring alive moments and relationships at once instantly recognizable and deeply enigmatic.

The works in CAMERA ERA invite us on a speculative journey; as anonymous images without a clear backstory, provenance or authorship, they beckon us to fill in the gaps with our own stories and suppositions. We become collaborators in an interactive game of discovery—an exercise at once aesthetic, intellectual, and simply fun.

Exhibition view. CAMERA ERA is organized by Project B for Cherryhurst House, Houston, Texas. Catalogue available. All photographs from the collection of Barbara Levine. For inquiries about the exhibition or limited edition archival ink prints, email me:

Barbara Levine, Camera Era, Cherryhurst House, vernacular photography

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