Highlights from "SECONDHAND" at Pier 24

SECONDHAND is the new exhibition at Pier 24 in San Francisco, California. It features vernacular photography collections and the work of artists who collect found photographs to "construct, edit and sequence in order to create something entirely new". The exhibition is a snapshot of how collectors and artists are discovering, displaying and using vernacular photography in exciting innovative ways to broaden the understanding of the medium and its impact on our lives.

The exhibition has many layers and I snapped a lot of photos on my iphone to document it (one of the great things about Pier 24 is that you are allowed to take photos in the exhibition). Below is Part I of highlights from the exhibition:

Views of Erik Kessels' in almost every picture

Views of installation Album Beauty by Erik Kessels

Detail, Archive of Modern Conflict, Collected Shadows

Joachim Schmid, Portrait Press Photographs

Embroidered Photographs by Maurizio Anzeri

Highlights Part II from my visit to the exhibition SECONDHAND,  coming soon!
Exhibition is on view at Pier 24 from August 4, 2014 - May 31, 2015

Pier 24, Vernacular photography

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