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Spooktacular! 16 Great Vintage Halloween Photos from the Collection of Barbara Levine

Looking at and collecting vintage Halloween photographs is always great fun. Here are some favorites from my collection. Check out over 50 years of great costumes - Happy Halloween! Bank robbers? Vintage photo, 1913Which famous 1920s movie star is man on left dressed as?Vintage Halloween photos, c.1925. Love the Geisha (and look at carved pumpkins too)!Bird costume, c.1930.Great Halloween mask! Vintage photo, 1939. Watch out, Creature from Black Lagoon (below) is in the living room!Mr. Peanut(s), Kodacolor photo, 1955Merman (below), c.1960Gypsy Princesses, c. 1965My favorite vintage Halloween photo (below), Nurse, 1967Devil Witch! Vintage photo, 1976.All photographs from the collection of Barbara Levine / Questions? email me:                 Read more 1 comment Barbara Levine, Halloween, Vintage photos

Halloween Houdini Seance

Collection of Barbara Levine / Harry Houdini, one of the most famous magicians of all time, was born in 1874 and died in Detroit on October 31, 1926. Due to his popularity, soon after his death the society of American Magicians proclaimed Halloween to also be Houdini Magic Day. This photograph taken in Detroit, in 1946, shows thirteen magicians holding a midnight seance in an attempt to contact Houdini's spirit.  Their seance was considered unsuccessful but still to this day amateur and professional magicians come together on Halloween to conjure the magical ghost of Harry Houdini. Read more Halloween, Houdini, Seance

13 Vintage Photos of Scary Halloween Masks

Photo, circa 1940s. Any guesses what they are dressed up as? Masks are great! Circa 1930s. Love the Pumpkin head mask! c. 1960s. Mickey Mouse with a Skull mask and is that a Bat girl with a Cinderella mask?! Creepy Cute! Circa 1920. Spooky masks! Amish Halloween?! Crazy animal mask! Circa 1910. These are very strange masks! This color photo from PROJECT B's rare originals store: 1970s Devil Dude in a witch mask - crazy! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! via Weird Tales, "Halloween was so much weirder back then: Creepy and Disturbing Halloween Photos"  Note: there were no credit lines in originating blog post so if any of the originals belong to your collection please let me know!   Read more Barbara Levine, Halloween, vintage Halloween photos

Mike the Cat

 Collection of Barbara Levine / PROJECT B "Mike the Cat", vintage photo c.1920. This devil kitty did not like getting his picture taken! Happy Halloween! Read more Barbara Levine, cats, Halloween, vintage photos

Elephant Girl

Collection of Barbara Levine / PROJECT B At PROJECT B, we love unique, bizarre and beautiful anonymous photographs. To celebrate this spirit, we are featuring a special limited edition print of a haunting photograph of a little girl in a paper elephant mask. The original photograph was taken in the 1940s and our large format archival print captures every detail. Why would someone take this photograph from behind a chain link fence? The mixture of distortions, textures and stillness make this a mysterious image that conjures the work of Diane Arbus. We have made our "Elephant Girl" print very affordable and in two ready to hang sizes! Making an elephant mask out of a paper bag? Priceless! Read more Barbara Levine, Halloween, vintage photographs