Spooktacular! 16 Great Vintage Halloween Photos from the Collection of Barbara Levine

Looking at and collecting vintage Halloween photographs is always great fun. Here are some favorites from my collection. Check out over 50 years of great costumes - Happy Halloween!

Bank robbers? Vintage photo, 1913

Which famous 1920s movie star is man on left dressed as?

Vintage Halloween photos, c.1925.
Love the Geisha (and look at carved pumpkins too)!

Bird costume, c.1930.

Great Halloween mask! Vintage photo, 1939.
Watch out, Creature from Black Lagoon (below) is in the living room!

Mr. Peanut(s), Kodacolor photo, 1955
Merman (below), c.1960

Gypsy Princesses, c. 1965
My favorite vintage Halloween photo (below), Nurse, 1967

Devil Witch! Vintage photo, 1976.

All photographs from the collection of Barbara Levine /
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