13 Vintage Photos of Scary Halloween Masks

Photo, circa 1940s. Any guesses what they are dressed up as? Masks are great!

Circa 1930s. Love the Pumpkin head mask!

c. 1960s. Mickey Mouse with a Skull mask and is that a Bat girl with a Cinderella mask?!

Creepy Cute!

Circa 1920. Spooky masks!

Amish Halloween?!

Crazy animal mask!

Circa 1910. These are very strange masks!

This color photo from PROJECT B's rare originals store: 1970s Devil Dude in a witch mask - crazy!


via Weird Tales, "Halloween was so much weirder back then: Creepy and Disturbing Halloween Photos"  Note: there were no credit lines in originating blog post so if any of the originals belong to your collection please let me know!


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