Ansel Adams on a Coffee Can

Imagine my surprise seeing Ansel Adams' Yosemite Valley, Winter (1959) on an old coffee can. I had to find out how this famous photograph came to be on an everyday object. In 1969, Hills Brothers Coffee in San Francisco with Adams' permission reproduced the photo on its coffee cans as a wraparound image toned in sepia. Critics and fellow photographers criticized Adams for being a crass marketer. Thousands of the three-pound cans sold nationwide in grocery stores for $2.35 each. Recently at auction, the Ansel Adams Hills Bros. Coffee Can (empty) sold for over $1,000.  And now, time for another cup of coffee!Questions? Want to add to your collection?  email me: Read more Ansel Adams, Barbara Levine, photography

Saying Goodbye to My Fotoescultura Guy

I cannot be in New York City for all the Spring photos shows but my guy, my faithful fotoescultura (whom I affectionately call Pablo) is there. Fotoesculturas were made primarily in Mexico beginning in the 1920s and are highly personal and devotional folk photo sculptures. They were often commissioned by traveling salesmen to commemorate events, memorialize the dead or honor individuals. They were displayed in the home, not unusual to see them on top of televisions and on shelves with other family keepsakes. I've owned this beautiful c.1950s fotoescultura for several years and it has had pride of place in my home. Now, I am looking at him as Lot #128 in the catalogue for the upcoming auction, The Vernacular... Read more 2 comments fotoesculturas, swann auction galleries, vernacular photography

New Book: CAMERA ERA by Barbara Levine & Martin Venezky

Get it now! $25 + free shipping!This new limited edition book by collector, Barbara Levine and graphic designer, Martin Venezky, is a meditation on the camera and its complicated hold on our lives. Found and staged photos, ephemera, and all sorts of unexpected relationships are brought together and set in motion by design. The result is an expressive mysterious album and a document of our complex relationship to both the camera and the photographic images it leaves behind. Now Available. CAMERA ERA by Barbara Levine and Martin Venezky. First printing, limited edition of 500 copies.All images from: Barbara Levine, Save Read more barbara levine, camera era, martin venezky

Houston We’ve Landed!

Unidentified Photographer, c.1970. HOUSTON WE'VE LANDED! We are thrilled to announce our multi-part exhibition and publication, Camera Era: Freeze Frames From A World Long Gone, will debut during the 2014 FotoFest Biennial. The festival is one of the largest photographic exhibitions in the world and our exhibit will be on view starting March 19th thru the end of May. CAMERA ERA immerses the viewer in domestic photographs made by unidentified photographers during a time when nearly every home had a camera with film in it. The images are all from the PROJECT B Collection of vintage vernacular photographs. Along with original snapshots, we are recasting many of the images as large format prints. We are also excited to announce that... Read more Camera Era, FotoFest 2014, Martin Venezky, vernacular photography

Where Should I Put My New Print?

Reagan considers putting 'Koo Koo The Bird Girl' in his foyer Our friends, Reagan Morris and Michael Fitzgerald, creators of the wickedly funny Clayboys products, love art and design and together have created a gorgeous home. Everywhere you look are mesmerizing displays reflecting Reagan's interests in collecting unusual objects. We were flattered when they said they loved our "Sideshow Stars" and "Anatomy Lessons" Print Collections. Together we played around with putting their favorite prints in different places throughout their house. The prints immediately fit in and made themselves right at home!Or maybe instead, one of the "Anatomy Lessons" prints - which do you like better?Reagan loves antique bottles and  "Anatomy Lesson 1" looks great with this display in Guest Bathroom.Reagan... Read more Anatomy Lessons, gay, Project B, Sideshow Stars « Newer articles 1 4 5 6 7 8 16 Older articles »