Blog - FotoFest 2014

Houston We’ve Landed!

Unidentified Photographer, c.1970. HOUSTON WE'VE LANDED! We are thrilled to announce our multi-part exhibition and publication, Camera Era: Freeze Frames From A World Long Gone, will debut during the 2014 FotoFest Biennial. The festival is one of the largest photographic exhibitions in the world and our exhibit will be on view starting March 19th thru the end of May. CAMERA ERA immerses the viewer in domestic photographs made by unidentified photographers during a time when nearly every home had a camera with film in it. The images are all from the PROJECT B Collection of vintage vernacular photographs. Along with original snapshots, we are recasting many of the images as large format prints. We are also excited to announce that... Read more Camera Era, FotoFest 2014, Martin Venezky, vernacular photography