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Mike the Cat

 Collection of Barbara Levine / PROJECT B "Mike the Cat", vintage photo c.1920. This devil kitty did not like getting his picture taken! Happy Halloween! Read more Barbara Levine, cats, Halloween, vintage photos

Elephant Girl

Collection of Barbara Levine / PROJECT B At PROJECT B, we love unique, bizarre and beautiful anonymous photographs. To celebrate this spirit, we are featuring a special limited edition print of a haunting photograph of a little girl in a paper elephant mask. The original photograph was taken in the 1940s and our large format archival print captures every detail. Why would someone take this photograph from behind a chain link fence? The mixture of distortions, textures and stillness make this a mysterious image that conjures the work of Diane Arbus. We have made our "Elephant Girl" print very affordable and in two ready to hang sizes! Making an elephant mask out of a paper bag? Priceless! Read more Barbara Levine, Halloween, vintage photographs

Behind the Scenes at PROJECT B

Take a peek at our not yet released new editions! Every limited edition print at PROJECT B is hand embossed for authenticity. Below, we are making large format prints of vintage color slide photos. They are included in our Divine series for an upcoming exhibition in Houston. Our best selling print this month is Alligator Women! Talk about a conversation piece! And finally, to keep up with all the print and photo orders we are putting our signature 'B's on heavy duty mailing tubes. We want to make sure you get your prints in perfect condition! More behind the scenes of PROJECT B soon!   Read more Barbara Levine, PROJECT B, PROJECT B Limited Edition Prints

A Gorgeous Paper Moon (Photograph)!

At PROJECT B we love real photo postcards and paper moons! The paper moon above is exceptional because the photographer created a souvenir of a man astride the moon floating above a city street in Saskatchwan, Canada. Anyone have a souvenir paper moon photograph like this one?  Read more Barbara Levine, Paper Moon Postcards, PROJECT B, Real Photo Postcards, vintage photographs

Ode to Collecting Found Photos

Eloquent ode to collecting found photographs. Robert Skingle, veteran dealer says "Instead of being thrown away, these photographs live on." Vintage vernacular photographs is one of the fastest growing collecting areas in art and photography. Read more barbara levine, Collecting found photographs, snapshots, Vintage Photographs « Newer articles 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 Older articles »