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Holidays Blues? Turn to Psychoanalysis!

 Collection of Barbara Levine/ Psychoanalysis was published by E.C. Comics (also published MAD Magazine) in 1955. The comic featured three patients, Freddy Carter, Ellen Lyman and Mark Stone who were undergoing psychoanalysis. The analyst was the central character and only referred to as 'The Psychiatrist'. According to the editors, "This magazine is our most difficult and revolutionary creative effort thus far. Through the medium of the comic format, we will attempt to portray, graphically and dramatically, the manner in which people find peace of mind through the science of psychoanalysis." The comic was approved by the Comics Code Authority but newstands did not want to display it and the publication only lasted for a total of four issues (too bad, we could all use more... Read more Barbara Levine, comics, Psychoanalysis Comic Book