Frances O’Connor, The Living Venus de Milo


During the Great Depression, when even the mere suggestion of a bare female leg or bare foot gave onlookers a risqué thrill, glamorous Frances Belle O’Connor made a living displaying her pedal extremities in the unlikeliest of activities. Born without arms, the nimble O’Connor wowed (and sometimes titillated) audiences with dextrous feats of feet: smoking a cigarette, eating with knife and fork, shooting guns and signing autographs, all performed with grace and skill entirely with her lower limbs. Nicknamed the “Living Venus de Milo,” she was so adroit with her feet that she could even knit and sew—hobbies that she took with her into retirement in California after World War II, as the world of innocent sideshow amusements faded away.

Archival pigment print on heavyweight Canson glossy paper.

Print sizes shown above. Custom sizes and framing available on request.

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