Barbara Levine, Burn, 2016
Limited edition archival pigment print, 24 x 24"
Signed by artist on verso.
Custom sizing and framing available for additional cost and on request
Free shipping

Barbara Levine Artist Statement:
"As an artist who also collects, and an archivist who also curates, my work tends to cross traditional boundaries in ways that are inspired by, and even unavoidable in the world of vernacular imagery. I cull anonymous images from the lively margins of history and showcase, edit, re purpose, animate, collage or simply re frame them to create new associations and narratives about the tension between the familiar, the remembered and the mysterious. I am simultaneously dedicated to preserving (often rescuing) the original work—honoring it as a reflection of specific time and place—but also fascinated by mixing vintage photos with contemporary artistic methods, technologies and imagery to create new ways of experiencing the photographic image."

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