Movie-Of-U, Parallax Stereoview, 1934


“Movie-Of-U" photo souvenir card. Chicago, 1934. Black-and-white composite photograph under acetate, 3 ¾ x  2 ½”. Overall fair condition,  split on one side. Free shipping.

Before the widespread availability of home movie cameras, photo souvenirs were inevitably a simple single frame. But a resourceful New York inventor, Stanley Pask, capitalized on the craze of motion pictures in 1930 and patented the clever “Movie-Of-U” technique, which he turned into a souvenir-making machine. Subjects would step inside a photo booth, and a camera would take multiple frames—up to 25. The machine printed overlapping slivers, mounting them under ridged acetate which, when moved or tilted, give the impression of a short movie that could be sent as a souvenir. A kind of early version of cellphone movies and video tweets, this example was made at the Chicago World’s Fair.