About Our Print Editions

We love rough edges.

You won’t see a lot of pristine images on PROJECT B. For us, part of what makes these photos great is their wear and tear. Faded and spotted, glued and taped, they’re survivors— each with a story to tell.   

Sometimes there’s a hint, a brief note on the back or margin like a tweet from a century ago.  Mostly though, they keep their secrets, leaving us to marvel and wonder at them. They're artifacts from some distant pre-digital planet, foreign but strangely timeless. 

Today the most advanced digital processes capture every detail of the vintage originals in our large-format prints. Seeing them on our walls we experience the past in an exciting new way.

We love curating.

Do we want to say something about organizing the print editions into albums? Somehow that seems important, otherwise they are a random group of images. This has been curated, right?


Our archival pigment prints on heavyweight 100% cotton (Moab or glossy Canson Platine) rag are designed to last a lifetime because that's how long we plan to keep them.


Bigger is better

There are two great things about making big prints. First, you can see detail that requires a magnifying glass to see in the originals and secondly you get impact on the wall...

Sizes indicated on all print pages refer to the paper size. We print on standard paper dimensions so you have the option of using ready-made frames. But because the proportions of the original image don't conform to standard frame sizes blah blah

We're able to produce custom sizes upon request so please contact us if you'd like more information.