Curated Projects

We are artists who collect vernacular (found) photography. We are also archivists who curate. Our art and approach cross traditional boundaries and are inspired by the intersection of fine art and material culture with the unavoidable sharing of histories and personal stories. In addition to our art, we also create memorable exhibitions, installations and publications. If you want to put form to your idea, contact us!

Below are a few of our favorite projects-

Cherryhurst House, Houston.  CH is an artist in residency program in a private home environment that presents exhibitions, artist guided tours, events and workshops. Project B conceived and developed the residency with the owner in 2013 and was brought on board the following year to direct, curate and manage all aspects of the project located at the owner's restored residential compound in central Houston. To date, we have curated four resident artist exhibitions and programs: CAMERA ERA (2014), Out of Place; Strangely Familiar, In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful (2016-2017) and Ripple by Havel Ruck Projects (2018).

Installation view of Ripple by Havel Ruck Projects (Dean Ruck and Dan Havel) Photo: Chuey Benitez

Installation views of Heather L. Johnson's "In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful" Bottom photo of Heather by George L. Shea.

Installation views of Out of Place: Photographs and Other Fictions by Daniela Edburg and Barbara Levine

We love working with set designers and dressers and regularly provide vintage photos from our archive for set decoration.  Below: set for Warner Brothers  A to Z, 2014. (photo credit: Ken Haber 2014), and set detail from NBC television show, How I Met Your Mother, 2013



Exhibition and publication. Snapshot Chronicles: Inventing The American Photo Album, Barbara Levine, Stephanie Snyder, Princeton Architectural Press, 2006. Exhbition view (below) , Snapshot Chronicles, Cooley Gallery, Reed College, 2007.

Exhibition & Catalogue (curated by Project B)Out at the Library: Celebrating the
C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center, San Francisco Main Public Library, 2005