Horizon IV


Winners of LensCulture 2017 Exposure Award!

Barbara Levine and Martin Venezky, Horizon IV, 2015
Limited edition archival pigment print, 24 x 24"
Signed by artists on verso

Custom sizes and framing available for additional cost available on request.
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"I like the way that the creative duo of Martin Venezky and Barbara Levine have defined imaginary horizons that connect a bunch of disparate anonymous images and give them new life. It’s a celebration of nearly forgotten memories and moments, scattered across time and place, but gathered together in a musical, cinematic, artful way. The odd juxtapositions and shifts in scale and color create dreamy wonderlands that hint at rich inner realities that no doubt differ from viewer to viewer. It’s a great way to appreciate the random discoveries provided by discarded family albums and old boxes of snapshots."  Jim Casper, Editor-in-Chief, LensCulture, Amsterdam