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Early Photos of Blind People Seeing a Museum Collection

  The Walrus, A group of blind children feeling the stuffed walrus at Sunderland Museum, so they can 'see' what it looks like. Courtesy Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Visiting a museum usually means we are going to experience objects by seeing them with our eyes. But what if you are blind? In 1913, a remarkable curator, John Alfred Charles Deas, at the Sunderland Museum in England, wanted blind children to be able to experience objects in the museum's collection - he wanted to create a museum of touch for those who could not see. "To them, their fingers are eyes," Deas said. He started a program in which blind children were able to touch taxidermied animals including polar bears, crocodiles, birds and lions. They also heard lectures on different parts of the museum's... Read more Sunderland Museum, Vintage photographs


  Collection of Barbara Levine / Project B This photograph of a woman, complete with her 1920s bathing costume, is a picture of summertime vacation fun. Stay cool, stand and splash in some water! Read more 1 comment 1920s Swimwear, Barbara Levine, snapshots, vintage photographs

Tattered Love

Collection of PROJECT B / Barbara Levine This tattered vintage snapshot from 1939, exemplifies the wonderful and mysterious ways photography intersects with people's lives and their private domestic rituals. Vigorously ripped up, repeatedly folded or accidentally left in a pocket and put in the wash, the photo remained precious to its owner and was carefully taped back together. While we will never know if their love lasted, the worn voice of the photograph remains preserved. Read more Barbara Levine, Collecting found photographs, vernacular photography, vintage photographs

PROJECT B Limited Edition Prints of Vintage Photographs

Hanging on the walls of a modern villa outside San Miguel de Allende, Tattooed Woman (Artoria Gibbons) and Girlfriends, from our introductory album. Print size is 16" x 20," in an edition of 100. Read more Barbara Levine, PROJECT B, Vintage Photographs « Newer articles 1 2