Hand Painted Photo Fun

Collection of Barbara Levine / PROJECT B With a nod to summer fun is this 1950s hand painted photograph of La Jolla beach in California. Since the beginning of photography in the 1800s, professional and amateur photographers have experimented with hand painting to make their photographs appear more realistic. Hand coloring was a time consuming process resulting in unique hand-made images. Can you imagine this photograph big and hanging on your wall? We would love to know what you think! Read more 1 comment Barbara Levine, Hand painted photographs, hand tinted photographs, PROJECT B, vintage California beach photos, vintage photos of La Jolla

Wearable Photographs

  Every thought about wearing photographs of people you love or like the look of? Almost as soon as photography was invented people made jewelry with their personal photos. From Victorian mourning brooches, rings and cufflinks to buttons promoting political candidates, photo jewelry came in all sizes and shapes. Especially popular in the 1920s and 30s was the pinback photo button. From the Project B rare originals collection is this hand colored photograph of a young girl in the 1920s that was made into a photo button. It measures 1 3/4 x 1", has a pin on the back and is especially charming (we love her glasses!). How would you wear your photographs?!  Read more Barbara Levine, Photo Jewelry, Photographica, PROJECT B, PROJECT B Rare Originals, Vintage pinback buttons

All Americana!

        Americans have their official public symbols and iconic landmarks. But some images seem quintessentially American even when the subject is not immediately identifiable.  This 4th of July discover our collections for uniquely spirited images. Read more Americana, Barbara Levine, PROJECT B, Vintage color photographs, Vintage Diner Photos

PROJECT B on Daily Candy: Sweet!

 Daily Candy says PROJECT B is the kitschy-cool new source for old-fashioned art! Read more Barbara Levine, PROJECT B

PROJECT B in Lonny Magazine June 2013

PROJECT B is featured in the current issue of Lonny magazine. Check it out!  Read more 3 comments Barbara Levine, Lonny Magazine, PROJECT B « Newer articles 1 2 3 Older articles »